Guelph Takes 1st Place at National Competition!

We did it!!! Guelph won its First National Championship at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word!!!!!!! Wow. With a 1st and a 1st and a 1st and a 1st place finish in all of our bouts. Wow!! So excited to achieve this bench mark in our growth as a poetry power house community.


Congratulations to the 2016 Guelph Poetry Slam Team Bassam, Eitan, Elise, Erratic and Fannon – and coach Truth Is…

And what a wonderful week we had! Highlights from the festival are hard to regale because there are just SO MANY! Thank you to everyone who made CFSW 2016 an incredible festival of amazing poetry and art! The poets, the organizers, the feature acts, the hosts and all the volunteers.

A few highlights…

  • The historical figures slam in which Big Bird Andre Prefontaine, Kermit The Frog Brendan Flaherty and the sultry City of Troy Erin Dingle left the audience completely blown away.
  • Undies (Underground Indies) for which our lives can never be the same! We laughed, we cried, ok really we sobbed and we completely imploded as jazz hands will never be enough to express all the feels that night!
  • Finals stage features Jillian Christmas and Ian Keteku put on a show of sheer beauty and love. We can’t wait to welcome Jillian to Guelph at our upcoming slam and hear more of her beautiful music and poetry.
  • A one-person theatrical masterpiece by Charlie Petch (who you get to see in Guelph on November 25).
  • Master classes from Johnny Trinh, Ian Keteku and Jillian Christmas that left us inspired and motivated to write and perform more poetry!
  • A poEmcees hip-hop feature, cypher, and spontaneous dance party including our very owRafay Ansari.
  • An AGM that was the best national poetry community meeting we’ve experienced… and:
  • One thing that came up from the AGM: GUELPH IS HOSTING THE CANADIAN FESTIVAL OF SPOKEN WORD FOR OUR 10-YEAR ANNIVERSARY IN 2018!!!! #cfsw2018. Yes! Ten years!!! What a great early birthaversary gift for Guelph Spoken Word on our 8th birthday!

This festival has been a great growth experience for our local poets and it’s been incredible to come to a new city and immediately feel like you have a community and a connection with people you’ve never even met before. Bringing this festival to Guelph is going to be great and heart-wrenching and awesomesauce-sandwich with a side of awesomesauce… Prepare yourselves – you only have two years!

We are so excited for this to happen and we are beginning the planning phase right now. If you want to get involved, we want you to be involved. We’ve got 2 years to make this a festival Guelph and the Canadian poetry community can be proud of!

Go in, Poet!!!!