GPS Finals. what. a. NIGHT!!

It was a long weekend well spent because it was slaaaaaaaam day! The venue was packed really early and we had a lot of new faces to welcome to our lovely poetry family! We got the blood running that night with Eitan as his heart was overflowing with his love for…bread. With the whole room filled with laughter Danielle took us into a symbiotic relationship that moved us to tears.

Amai Kuda n’Y Josephine then filled us up with some lovely soul food, tickling our heart strings with their amazing jokes in between songs. Their down to earth sounds brought us closer together.

Then poets tore up the mic with Macer as his rhythmic poems got the crowd going wild rating it a 6.7, because we all know that 6.7 is perfection. The next poet taught the crowd a lesson about the point behind a poem, Truth. Fira was not nice that night and took down the knight in shining armor while Patrick began to talk about roots. If you didn’t know that he loves nature and words you definitely know now as he intricately wove a beautiful poem for us. Elise got us all craving some new flavours of ice cream despite being in such a crowded room!

After the two rounds we welcomed the new Guelph Slam Poetry Team: Truth Is, Elise, Patrick, Macer, and Fira! The night was filled with smiles and hugs and we can’t wait to see what the year brings us!

2017 GPS Team

Photos of the event can be found on Flickr, courtesy of Matt Blatz.

Don’t forget that Guelph Spoken Word has other exciting events! We have the Anything Goes Poetry Slam happening on March 18th! Time to get rebellious and break all the rules. Except there are no rules to break because you can do anything and everything!

We also have the Writing Womb where you can keep yourself accountable and have a quiet space to write. Or you can come hang out at the Red Brick Cafe for our Off the Page: Writers Open Mic!

The Writing Womb


Monday February 13, 20 and 27 from 7-9:30pm at the Common Cafe, Wilson St.
This is an accessible space with gender neutral washrooms.

The Writing Womb is a weekly, by-donation intentional writing space facilitated by Guelph Spoken Word.

If you need somewhere to write, to be a part of the writing community, quietly do other work, or just hang out and feel the creative juices palpably flowing, come on in.

Bring your laptop, notebook, script, scribbles, homework – whatever you want to work with. There will be a list of prompts posted if you’d like them and you are welcome to come and leave whenever you’d like.

THE PLAN: 1-hour, dedicated writing sessions followed by a 10-15 minute break where you can stand, chat, or continue to work (please be respectful if someone you really want to talk to seems focused on their work during the ‘break’).

Please sign up online for all date slots if you can – the purpose of this space is to help develop a regular writing commitment.