Grounded: Relationships With Our Land Base


Join us for an evening of readings, performed works, and community spotlights focused on the many forms that a relationship with our land base – and the Earth as a whole – can take!

Congratulations to our selected artists (in last name alphabetical order): Jeremy Luke Hill, Chelsea McIsaac, Jeff Reid, Bieke Stengos-Cammaert, and Marian Thorpe!!!! In addition to featured works, we have invited members of a few distinct communities to spotlight their voices and perspectives on their relationships with the land:

  • Rene Meshake is an Ojibwe elder, visual and performing artist, award-winning author, storyteller, flute player, new media artist and a Recipient of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee Medal.
  • Bashar Lulu Jabbour (He/Him) is an immigrant poet! He uses the mundane to give you a glimpse of the complexities of leaving one home for another.

This is a dry event, but we will have organic herbal teas, warm apple cider, and baked goods from local farmers and businesses for sale.

Sharpened Tongues: Alterna(rra)tives by Johnny MacRae

In this workshop, we’ll play with adopting non-human perspectives on the world and seeing narratives through a fresh lens. We’ll see how perspectives that may feel absurd can result in unexpectedly poignant or powerful writing, and talk about the ways in which character and perspective can be used to bring the audience into stories they might ordinarily resist.

  • Sunday, May 21, 1-3pm
  • Guelph Civic Museum, 52 Norfolk St *accessible venue
  • $25 (some subsidies available, contact for details)

Register online today! There are only 15 spots available.


Sharpened Tongues is a workshop series aimed at helping writers and performers develop their craft. It focuses on small, sustainable workshops that provide safer spaces to learn and grow while paying facilitators a fair wage.

About the Facilitator

Since first emerging onto the Vancouver Poetry Slam stage, MacRae has carved out a reputation as an innovative writer and performer, a passionate arts educator, and a dedicated community organizer. He’s been a regional and national level slam champion, in addition to which he was the 2013 Victoria Spoken Word Festival Poet of Honour.

Whether performing, teaching, or organizing, MacRae continues to prove that he is one of the most versatile, innovative, and dedicated spoken word artists in the country.