Sharpened Tongues: Opening Up by Tomy Bewick


One of the most difficult parts of getting a piece written – whether for the page, stage, or to be kept in a drawer and never be seen by another – is getting started and continuing past the hurdles. So many times, we can’t think of what to say, when to say it, or how to move after we get stuck.

This workshop will focus on that blankness and reveal it for the wonderful canvas it can be. Making something out of nothing is one of Tomy’s specialties, and he’s coming to share his vision with us.

Read more about this workshop and our facilitator Tomy Bewick. And reserve your spot online now! There are a limited number of spaces.

* Venue is accessible

The Writing Womb


Monday January 16, 23 and 30 from 7-10pm at the Common Cafe, Wilson St. 

The Writing Womb is a brand spanking new event created to promote intentional writing, with helpful prompts available in a comfortable and accessible environment. This event is by donation and to help develop a regular writing commitment.

If you need somewhere to write, to be a part of the writing community, quietly do other work, or just hang out and feel the creative juices palpably flowing, come on in.

Bring your laptop, notebook, script, scribbles, homework – whatever you want to work with. There will be a list of prompts posted if you’d like them and you are welcome to come and leave whenever you’d like.

THE PLAN: 1-hour, dedicated writing sessions followed by a 10-15 minute break where you can stand, chat, or continue to work (please be respectful if someone you really want to talk to seems focused on their work during the ‘break’).

Please sign up online for all date slots if you can – the purpose of this space is to help develop a regular writing commitment.


GPS January Edition Ft. Susan M Peiffer

We’ll be in the new year, but this will be the last slam of the regular season (aka your last chance to qualify for the 2017 GPS team). Compete in the slam or perform in the open mic. The open mic is open to all sorts of artist and a good place to get your sea legs if you’ve never performed.

$10/pwyc cover and FREE if you have a birthaversary in the month of January! Saturday, January 21 at 7pm at the eBar, 41 Quebec St.


Susan M. Peiffer is a poet and educator living in Colorado Springs. She is the executive director of Hear Here Poetry and currently serves as poet laureate of the Pikes Peak region. With five books and numerous poems published in anthologies, her observational and confessional writing spans forms of structure and performance. She travels as a public speaker, works with survivors of sexual violence, and is an adjunct lecturer at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. Susan believes that irrational is not always unreasonable, that most inanimate objects come to life at night, and that cheese is milk’s greatest leap towards immortality..