Guelph Poetry Slam – New Season Edition! Ft. Rabbit Richards

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Here we go again!!! The Guelph Poetry Slam is a live and interactive poetry competition where poets strut their stuff on stage and poems are judged by randomly selected audience members. It’s all based on writing and presentation, and good ol’ gutt feelings. The Poetry Slam has two rounds and awards the winner with $100. Feature poet Rabbit Richards will be joining us all the way from Montreal, sharing a 25 minute set of amazing spoken word. Of course there will be a open stage for you to share without the pressure of scorecards.

Saturday, February 20 at 7pm at the eBar, 41 Quebec St, 2nd floor. Cover is $10 /pwyc, $5 if you perform, and FREE if you have a birthaversary in the month of February!

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Sharpened Tongues Writing Workshop

Sharpened Tongues: The Image, The Audience, & The Connection Between. Facilitated By Dan Murray

Sunday, 28 February 2016 from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM, The Making Box – 40 Baker Street, $25 to register (some subsidized tickets available), limited to 15 participants.

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Sharpened Tongues Feb2016

In the realm of performance poetry, the audience is God. So how do you keep them invested? How poetic is too poetic? Where is the line drawn between maintaining a sense of accessibility without sacrificing your own artistic vision?

This workshop aims to answer those questions and provide some basic tools on crafting unique and original imagery as well as explore the nature of the audience and the way it reacts in an open discussion format.

We will be covering topics such as: A backwards look at image construction, honesty in both writing and self, making sure the audience “gets it”, and breaking brains with cognitive dissonance.

This workshop encourages an air of open discussion, so do not be shy to speak or ask questions at any time!

December 1, 2014

In light of recent events and conversations in the National Spoken Word community, Guelph Spoken Word has decided to develop a policy that includes a clear and transparent grievance process. We have come to feel that it is imperative to have a mechanism in place to process conflict, complaints and/or instances of grave harm that are brought to our attention.
As the Guelph Spoken Word board strives to develop and provide this new resource to our community, we would also like to recognize our limitations as volunteers; in regards to capacity, training and financial resources.
The Guelph Spoken Word board is currently reaching out to other spoken word organizers and local organizations to learn about their policies, best practices and processes. As a board we will review this information and other examples that come to our attention to draft a policy of our own. It is our intention that this policy can be used as tool, in our interest to continually improve the Guelph Spoken Word community.

If you have examples that you would like considered in our development process please
e-mail them to

Yours in growth… The Guelph Spoken Word Board
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